Michael V Lewis – Owner of RealD 3D

Michael V Lewis

If you don’t know Michael Lewis, you probably have heard of him and if not; we’ve got your back. The renowned American entrepreneur and universal media and technology investor cofounded the RealD company; a worldwide licensor of 3D and visual technologies. Before serving as the CEO of his own company, he previously served as the CEO of the L-squared Entertainment Company. He was also the senior vice president of InterMedia; a renowned media investment and advisory firm.

RealD visual entertainment company has its headquarters in Beverly Hills. Offices are distributed across London, Beijing, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Most films have been privileged to get the exemplary RealD services. Disney’s 2005, Chicken Little’ film was among the first to set the RealD filming technology to light. Quality has always been a priority and the 3D filming platform has since spread across seventy-two countries with more than twenty-seven thousand screens. Success became the norm when competent RealD cinema technology gets its way into to the market servicing the filming needs in the best way possible.

Apart from being the current CEO of the RealD filming company, Michael V Lewis has been featured as an executive producer in some of the 3D designed films such as Carmen 3D and Madam Butterfly 3d. Since its establishment in 2003, the RealD company was first declared for public trading, early 2010. With an RLD’ symbol on the New York Stock Exchange, it has always been up to standards, it has passed the test of time and maintained its good reputation as one of the most innovative filming companies in the world.

A private-equity company; Rizvi Traverse Management showed interest in the company due to its progressive and outstanding performance in the media and entertainment industry. With Michael still holding the position of Chief Executive Officer, RealD was announced to be sold and completion of the merger came later in February 2016 with the private firm buying for $551 million, approximated amount. The deal was sealed with Michael Levis reinvesting a good amount of his equity stake in the same company.

Due to the spectacular performance, innovation and creativity in the entertainment sector, Michael Levis has lived to embrace the power of hard work, persistence and positive change in the filming industry. His relentless efforts have been appreciated in the society and noticeably rewarded through numerous subtitled awards. Among them is the Producers Guild of America Vanguard award. 3D technology and the technical contribution we enjoy today could have been a reality if not for the dedicated efforts of Michael and the RealD Company at large.

Michael V Lewis

Michael V. Lewis is the entrepreneur behind RealD, the worldwide leader in 3D cinema technology. Lewis was born on July 6, 1963 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but he grew up in Central Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1985. In this video, he joins Fox Business to discuss Hannah Montana 3d.

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Rhinoplasty Procedures

Rhinoplasty And Its Procedures

Rhinoplasty is basically a complex surgical procedure with dual purposes. This type of surgery is normally performed for cosmetic reasons or for reconstructive reasons due to breathing problems, repair damage from injury or to correct birth defects. Cosmetic surgery is intended to enhance aesthetics of the nose while reconstructive surgery is intended to restore the appearance and functional nature of the nose.

The following are the main procedures cosmetic surgeons conduct in order to achieve the look desired by their patients:


1. Closed method.

Here, the incision is made inside the nose. You will realize that the skin is normally separated from bone and cartilage. This normally allows your surgeon to get to their underlying structure. Once that is done, a surgeon can reshape the cartilage and bone. He can even enlarge or remove them to achieve the desired shape.

2. Open method.

In this procedure, the surgeon normally creates an incision across the small strip of the skin between your nostrils. This part is called the columella. Your surgeon then lifts the skin off the tip of the nose and then shapes the cartilage and bone in the nose. You will realize that the surgeon is now in a better position to clearly visualize the inner structures of the nose and come up with good final results. The incision leaves a tiny scar on the underside of the nose. You will realize that people with a dark complexion are prone to scarring as compared to those with light skin.

3. Natural

This method is best done using the open procedure. It is important that you get a professional surgeon so that you can minimize your risks of scarring and other complications related to surgery.

4. Non-surgical

This basically involves injection of Botox to help conceal the appearance of bumps on the nose. As a patient, you do not have to worry about a bigger nose since the injections evens out the one thereby giving it a smoother outline. This procedure is actually ideal for patients who were not satisfied with results from various surgeries. You will realize that this procedure is more beneficial to patients who want to improve the appearance of their noses instantly without undergoing a whole new surgery. You will also realize that the healing process of these patients is fast and less painful. This procedure is also very cheap compared to other surgeries.

Those are some of the rhinoplasty procedures that are performed on patients. Patients are advised that rhinoplasty may not be a one-time surgery. The chances of rhinoplasty patient having the need for a secondary or revision rhinoplasty ranges from five to twenty percent. Secondary rhinoplasty may be necessary to correct aesthetic features that the patient does not like or to improve nasal functioning.